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Residential Real Estate Appraisal


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Real Estate Experts

For decades our appraisers have provided expert appraisal services to a broad range of customers, from banks and mortgage companies, to the individual property owner. No matter who you are, we offer the best speed, accuracy, and service available in the area.  Our team of appraisers and support staff are here with you every step of the way to simplify the appraisal process, and give you the reliable speed you need.


What kind of appraisal do you need?

There are a lot of reasons to get a certified appraisal completed.  Let us help you find the right appraisal for your individual situation.



Our appraiser will physically inspect the inside and outside of your property, take ample notes and photographs and will measure your home.  Many homes are incorrectly reported on county records data, and your home could actually be larger than you think. Measuring your home correctly could mean thousands more in sales price;  you shouldn't leave that money on the table! 



Although our appraisal reports are unbiased, we work for you!  That means when it comes to scheduling the inspection appointment, we follow your instructions exactly; always maintaining discreet confidentiality.  We never release or disclose information about your personal matters to neighbors, estranged spouses, relatives or any third parties.  We are completely trustworthy with your vital information.  

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Property Measurement Report

Get the true square footage of your home.  Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, protesting your taxes, or just for your own piece of mind, a property measurement report will tell you the exact size of your home!