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All appraisal types are not equal. Pick the appraisal that fits your needs.


Pre-Listing Appraisals

What is the difference between an Appraisal and a BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) or CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)?  Appraisals are completed by certified appraisers who have geographical and industry expertise that far exceeds the knowledge of the typical Realtor. We love Realtors, and partner with many, however, the education and experience requirements for appraisers are much more stringent than for other real estate professionals.  That is why lenders, tax jurisdictions, and courts rely on certified appraisals.


Divorce Appraisals

Our expert appraiser will provide you with a comprehensive report identifying the current market value of your home.  This report stands the test of scrutiny, and can be used as evidence in court or in settlement proceedings.  Our appraiser can even provide an expert testimony for an hourly rate if necessary.

Let us work with your legal team to make sure you get the best deal possible!

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Property Measurements

Get the true square footage of your home.  Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, protesting your taxes, or just for your own piece of mind, a property measurement report will tell you the exact size of your home!


Land Appraisals

Get the true market value of your vacant land!  Don't lose opportunities to develop, subdivide, sell, or refinance your long term land asset.  Our certified appraisers can give you the information you need to make important financial decisions for your future.


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Multi-Family Appraisals

There are many markets that are great for investment.  Whether you plan on renting the property long term, or fixing and flipping, we can analyze your investment to improve your bottom line.  We offer detailed investment appraisals for residential properties of 1-4 units.